Andrew Kondrich

Welcome! I am a coterm student in Computer Science at Stanford University, where I work in the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab on RoboTurk, a crowdsourcing platform for robotic skill learning. Previously, I worked on ML for healthcare and climate science in the Stanford ML Group. I graduated with honors in Computer Science from Stanford in 2020.

I am interested in robotics, data driven control, and machine learning.


Incorporating Machine Learning and Social Determinants of Health Indicators into Prospective Risk Adjustment for Health Plan Payments
Jeremy A. Irvin, Andrew A. Kondrich, Michael Ko, Pranav Rajpurkar, Behzad Haghgoo, Bruce E. Landon, Robert L. Phillips, Stephen Petterson, Andrew Y. Ng & Sanjay Basu
BMC Public Health

FLUXNET Methane Synthesis: Modeling Wetland Methane Fluxes from Sites to the Globe
Gavin McNicol, Etienne Fluet-chouinard, Zhen Zhang, Jeremy Irvin, Sharon Zhou, Fred Lu, Andrew Kondrich, Vincent Liu, Andrew Ng, Sara Knox, Benjamin Poulter, Robert B Jackson
AGU Fall Meeting 2019


CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
Spring 2020

Currently reading

Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
Deep Lagrangian Networks

Reach me at andrewk1 stanford edu